I've been reviewing the new intensity sex toy and medical device. I've had it for a couple of weeks and have been trying it regularly (all in the interest of science of course- smile).
It's a large toy, no little vaginal thigh master here. It takes four AAA batteries and it comes with some intensity gel that works on the internal zappers (my word) to increase involuntary internal muscle contractions. By increasing the contractions, the theory is forcing the muscles to contract will increase your possibility for orgasm, tighten up your PC muscle (be tighter, more responsive and prevent you peeing your pants when you sneeze).

I've ordered some for a couple of patients who have tried everything from voodoo rituals, orgasm creams, to standing on their head to reach orgasm. The jury is still out (I want to give it a fair trial and see if I notice a difference), and I'll add the testimonials of my patients in upcoming blogs.

Here is the media release for the Intensity toy for your information. Oh, and I'm off to buy more batteries. Big smile.


The next big thing in intense sexual pleasure is capturing women’s attention. Intensity, a unique intimate health and stimulation device, strengthens the strength of women’s orgasms, while also while also improving muscle tone which studies have shown can provide many health benefits. Revolutionary in design and concept, Intensity provides invigorating physical pleasure while tightening and toning pelvic floor muscles to help increase the intensity and duration of a woman’s orgasm.

Intensity’s design uses mild micro currents to stimulate vaginal muscles to contract in a rhythmic motion, excite nerves, and tighten pelvic walls. The technology was adapted from other products under development in the medical market, when, in trial for the treatment of other issues, they were found to bring an intense level of pleasure that most women had not experienced. Studies have shown that strong pelvic floor muscles not only encourage and strengthen women’s orgasms but also may be linked to other health benefits. Eventually, due to its pulsating tingle which provides a feeling of simulated intercourse, Intensity was found to offer pleasure unseen in other adult pleasure items on the market today.
A timely launch in line with the 40th anniversary of “OUR BODIES, OURSELVES” which became synonymous with promoting and protecting women’s health, Intensity hopes to be part of the next generation of women’s sexual pleasure. “Just as this book informed and inspired women across generations, Intensity is helping to change the female sexual experience,” says Sara Ferden, an Intensity brand spokeswoman. “Some women are finding that they didn’t know they could have an orgasm like this or thought there was something wrong with them.”
Intensity, which incorporates technology that has been tested and proven safe and effective, is unlike any sexual novelty device. Made from medical grade, phthalate-free PC-ABS/silicone, Intensity features a pump that enables women to customize its size – 1.25” uninflated to 2.5” inflated – so that the stimulation is most effective. Ergonomically-designed for ease of use, the lightweight, 11 oz. device serves as an internal muscle stimulator and a vibrator for the clitoris and G-spot.

Intensity is available at www.intensitynow.com for $249.99 plus shipping. Delivery packaging will be discreet and no customer information is shared. For more information about Intensity or to read customer reviews, visit www.intensitynow.com.