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Thread: Can Friends Be Lovers?

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    Can Friends Be Lovers?

    A relationship is the obvious and ideal means for getting your sexual needs met on a regular basis. Unless you marry your childhood sweetheart and stay married for life, the odds are that you will, however, experience a time between relationships known to those with healthy libidos as a sexual drought.

    Many women can't stand the sexual frustration of being single and rush into new relationships with men for whom they feel very little rather than spend another Saturday night alone.

    Others deal with sexual drought in a variety of ways: channeling their energies into work or other activities, masturbating, or even eschewing sex altogether and trying out a celibate lifestyle

    Another alternative championed by writer Jane Harrison is to call on friends and old lovers for no-strings-attached sexual release.

    To the question, "Can friends really be lovers?" Harrison responds with an emphatic "yes."

    "In the real world, it is possible to have sex without being in love," says Harrison. "And if you pretend to be in love to make the sex better, you will be surprised at how quickly you can drop the pretense when its no longer needed."

    Harrison recommends former lovers as the best bet to fill the sexual void in between serious relationships.

    "Ex-lovers who can maintain mutual affection and treat each other with civility and gentleness are potential sex buddies," she writes. "They can tap into the passion they once knew as if it were an underground spring of sweet, pure water accessible only through a hidden cave. But they had better be smart enough not to believe they can set up housekeeping in that cave."

    If your ex-lovers are happily forgotten or married, Harrison suggests hooking up with a man unsuitable for anything other than sex.

    "An unsuitable man -- the kind you can't imagine relating to on any level except the physical -- can make a great sex buddy. Helen Gurley Brown has been giving this advice in different worlds for decades. Sometimes your older sisters really do know best."

    <I>Do you think friends can be lovers?

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    Post RE:

    As for me,good friends can be lovers. I am also one of them.

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    Friendly relations can always go to a love!

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    Yes friends can also be lover by understand the feeling of each others. And try to know the habits of each others. By passing lots of time with your friend one day come when you fall in love with your friend and makes your life so happily.

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    Friends can be the best lovers ever because they know each other,understand each other and most important understand the unsaid emotions.
    Mostly friendships turn into love may be from one side or may be from both sides.

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