Q&A with Sue McGarvie


You mentioned in a previous letter that if a woman ate sweets, her vagina would taste better during oral sex. How long would it take after my girlfriend eats sweets to make her taste better? Someone once told me that his girlfriend tasted like peppermint. I wish!


Dear Scenty,

On average you need to eat fruit or sweet things about an hour before sex to have an effect on the taste of your vagina. The vaginal taste can be more complex than that though, with a woman's biochemistry, cleanliness, and eating habits all playing a role in how she tastes. Try using flavored love oils, or whipped cream to soften the taste of your girlfriend's genitals if they are a little acidic. Bananas are supposed to make her taste great so have her eat some and then play with the rest of the bunch doing fun things to her until your hour is up. Bunches of fun.