Q&A with Sue McGarvie


My girlfriend doesn’t believe that when a female ejaculates she cums through her urethra. She would like you to post an explanation of how this happens (isn’t the bladder the only thing attached to the female ureathra)? Please explain how it happens and where it comes from.


Dear Confused,

There are a lot of people, including gynecologists who are confused about female ejaculation. I know for sure it happens because I have experienced it and have witnessed someone doing this at a conference in San Francisco It certainly was an eye opener! Many gynecologists dismissed Dr. Beverly Whipple’s book about the G-Spot when it came out in the 70’s because this spot and subsequent fluid didn’t show up on anatomy charts or when dissecting female cadavers. It turns out that the G-Spot is a cluster of nerve endings in the vaginal wall. The fluid that makes up the ejaculation is stored in a cluster of cells near the spot called the vaginal sponge and the ducts that release the fluid empties into the urethra. In men, the ducts carrying fluid to make semen empty into the urethra, so it’s not a stretch to have the same experience happen in women. Just like when you break your arm and all of a sudden it swells up to the size of a football, the cells start holding fluid to protect the injury and if drained, these little cells can hold a lot of liquid. Dr. Whipple’s book is still in print, and is still the definitive book on The G-Spot and female ejaculation (at least until my new book is published)!