Q&A with Sue McGarvie

Dear Sue,
I usually “wake up with wood” so to speak, (and at other times too) but haven’t been lately been getting as many surprise stiffy’s. Is there anything wrong with me?


Dear Jeff,
Don’t sweat it. If you are still able to get erections with a little bit of spit and elbow grease than your penis is working fine. As well, if you have the ability to get a “stiffy” at all, you are guaranteed to be getting erections while you sleep. Waking up with a morning erection is common, but not essential. I don’t know how old you are, but teenagers and guys in their early 20’s get what’s called reflex erections. Those are the ones that appear at inopportune times like when you are standing on a diving board in your bathing suit while swimming with your parents. As you get a little older, your penis learns some manners, and while you can still have 7 to 10 spontaneous erections a day, you need seriously erotic thoughts or penis stimulation to get an erection. If you can’t get an erection at all, then it’s time to call your doctor, but in what you’ve written, it sounds like your Mr. Happy is completely normal.